What is a PDF Pattern?

PDF Pattern is downloadable digital sewing pattern that you can print with a regular home printer. After taping or glueing the pattern together you can use it like a traditional printed pattern. Quick and easy!


After downloading your pattern, open it and print the first page with 5cm x 5cm (2” x 2”) test square on it. Make sure that your printer is not scaling your pattern smaller or bigger, set the print scale at 100%. Measure the test square and if it does not measure correctly, check your print scaling options and print again. After the measurements are correct, print rest of the pages.


Assembling PDF patterns can be a time consuming task, especially if you have multiple pages. I’ve assembled countless PDF patterns in my life and here I’m going to share a technique that works best for me!

I like to use cutting a mat, a ruler and a sharp craft knife to trim off the edges. If you prefer to use traditional paper scissors you can use them as well. To do the job as fast as possible I usually cut 3-4 sheets of paper at the same time. When you cut multiple sheets of paper one upon the other, it is good to check them against a light to ensure the cutting lines will match.

After trimming off the edges, match up the light grey circles in numerical order and tape your pattern together. Ready!

Storing Your Sewing Patterns

If you own multiple sewing patterns it is a good idea to have some kind of a storing system. I personally like to fold my patterns, put them inside envelopes and store them in a magazine file on my bookshelf. You can also store your patterns in a folder or drawer.

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