About me


I’m Tessa, home sewist and indie pattern designer! My interest in sewing and pattern design was awakened when I realized that finding well-fitting clothes that offer value for money seemed almost like a mission impossible in stores.

I was looking to fill my closet with pretty and practical clothes with a sustainable and ethical background. You know those beloved and trusted pieces that I could still wear year after year. After some thinking I thought: β€œI guess I will learn how to sew and make my own clothes!”

Tessa Roosa has been a dream of mine ever since, and now it has finally come true. I want to make sewing simple and fun for everyone and help women all around the world to create their own beautiful and handmade wardrobe. Sewing offers a chance to take time for yourself, slow down and learn something new every time.

As a designer, it is important for me to create clothes that are adaptable, practical, beautiful and timeless. My goal is to offer tested, high-quality patterns and easily comprehensible instructions. With my patterns, you can easily create a year-round wardrobe that suits your style and lifestyle.

Happy sewing,
Tessa Roosa